Consisting of Back Office Software (BOS), Point of Sale (POS) and a powerful, compact reporting system, LIGO by Gilbarco AFS brings the simplicity of forecourt control to a dedicated user-interface. Embedded within our DOMS PSS 5000 station controller, LIGO provides a complete wet stock management solution at site level, suitable to a wide range of businesses.


Consisting of three main modules, LIGO improves operational efficiencies and maximises revenues whilst providing a wide range of site specific reports.

  • Proven technology: With thousands of installations in the field, LIGO has proven itself repeatedly to be a reliable and robust wet-stock management application for managing diverse networks of retail petroleum sites.
  • Full wet & dry stock control: LIGO provides full control of wet-stock and dry-stock including deliveries, inventory & reconciliation.
  • Reporting: Comprehensive site reporting is available on historical transactions, site statistics and device events. Print or export data into a variety of formats.
  • Intuitive user interfaces: We know that the secret to success is timely response to events on site, whether it is your cashier monitoring pump activity or quickly making changes to grade prices. We have ensured that the user interfaces in LIGO are simple and intuitive, minimising training time and allowing you to access features quickly.
  • Scalable to C-Store POS: When your network includes large C-Stores, LIGO can be accompanied with a C-Store POS from the same application family.


Reporting Software – LIGO | Automatic Tank Gauging | DOMS


  • Improves operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Monitors site activity enabling staff to conduct their tasks in the kiosk or from the back office without physically having to access the forecourt.
  • Easily and securely increases customer throughput by identifying stock losses and configuration changes.
  • Improves the user experience by configuring and customising a wide range of operating modes for the site.
  • Reports and track results with access to the required data to monitor the performance of your site.
  • Provides your employees with comprehensive reports, empowering them with the information they need to facilitate their daily results.
  • Fixed or wireless communication provides flexibility.
  • Add sites or services as your business grows or as your needs change.
  • Runs standard or customer defined reports.


COMPASS is our integrated forecourt management solution consisting of LIGO embedded software as the central point of command and interfaces with our DOMS forecourt controller and ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging), providing both BOS and POS functionality. COMPASS improves business performance by maximising site uptime, minimising fuel losses and increasing productivity. LIGO is accessible from any web enabled device and eliminates the need for a dedicated PC.



Insite360 is a unique next generation wetstock management service from Gilbarco AFS. It provides fuel retailers with a real time 360° view of their most valuable asset across all sites through a simple to use remote service. Offering unrivalled levels of performance, uptime and enhanced security, Insite360 maximises business profitability by identifying and reducing network variances, detecting instances of theft and fraud in real time, and delivering assurance to support business growth and asset protection. Providing variance reduction through calibration, Insite360 identifies areas of loss to drive value, highlighting immediate areas of concern and providing an insurance policy against future losses.


Real-time connection to Automatic Tank Gauges on site and web-based reporting provides up-to-date site status and 24/7 access to information via our web portal.

  • Control your wetstock: Monitor dispenser meters, ensure acurate delivery, enhance theft detection and ensure proactive service.
  • Prevent leaks and reduce environmental risks: Rapid leak detection, alarm monitoring and management
  • Optimise your operations: Effective logistics and preventative maintenance
  • Real time access: Access any site from any location, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Reporting Software – Insite360 Visibility | Insite360 Visibility Plus | Insite360 Advanced


  • Complete solution or tailored to suit your needs.
  • Real-time monitoring of your site all day, every day.
  • Expert consultants review site data, identify loss, liaise with regulatory authorities and provide incident management.
  • Fixed or wireless communications provide flexibility.
  • Add sites or services as your business grows or needs change.
  • Run standard or customer defined reports.
  • Directly from your ATG or from POS, BOS or Head Office Systems.


Insite360 protects your wetstock by helping you to quickly find and reduce incidences of leaks, theft and fraud on your forecourt. All of this keeps your business running at optimum levels by maximising the uptime of your site through the prevention of run-outs and the safeguarding of your wetstock. Insite360 provides total transparency through a fully customisable dashboard tailored to your specific needs. It can be managed in-house or outsourced to Gilbarco AFS’ experienced team of analysts for full quality assurance. Through this, you will benefit from regular meetings, reports and further consultancy from Gilbarco AFS to suit the needs of your business.



Gilbarco AFS solutions does more than simply automate your compliance and fuel monitoring; we protect your business investment. Our Wetstock Solutions assess your total operations. Then we ll tailor a tank monitoring system that provides timely access to the information you need to prevent losses to your product, your profits, and your reputation.


Automated monitoring of fuel stock and detection of fuel losses allows for centralised data management to optimise your operational profitability.

  • Automatic Tank Gauging: Access comprehensive site data and receive alerts anytime and anywhere, providing protection and precision to keep your site running profitably.
  • Overfill Sensors: Protect Your Business and the Environment with our easy to use, reliable overfill prevention system to prevent overfilling of tanks and process containers.
  • Electronic Line Leak Detection: Test lines at full pressure for greater accuracy, meet compliance requirements and detect leaks early in tanks, lines and containment areas.


Reporting Software – Insite360 | Automatic Tank Gauging | FAFNIR Overfill Sensors | Pressurised Line Leak Detectors


  • Scalable technology options for basic to advanced functionality.
  • Temperature compensated volumes.
  • Eliminates human error and risk of free water contamination.
  • Automated alarms for low or high levels, delivery stock levels and hourly updates of tank levels.
  • Ensure environmental compliance when handling water-polluting liquids


Our Site Management Solutions maximises profits and minimises overheads. Working alongside a wide range of dispensers, Point of Sale systems, Submersible Turbine Pumps and Station Controllers, our solutions are designed to work for you. Combine your POS and forecourt equipment for efficient control and management of your fuel service station to enhance the entire fuel network value chains.


Enhanced efficiency enables better control of inventory and delivery and is an ideal solution for any fuel site, regardless of fueling method, in both mobile fueling trucks and fixed fueling stations.

  • Station Controllers: Efficient control and management of the petrol station forecourt.
  • Pumps and Dispensers: Reliability, accuracy, security and dependability ensures that your investment is protected.
  • Point of Sale: Fully control your sites, sell items, accept any payment means, redeem loyalty cards and more.
  • Submersible Turbine Pumps: Optimise flow and maximise profits with a reliable STP That delivers high flow rates for a low cost.


Reporting Software – Insite360 or SiteInfo | Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pumps | DOMS PSS 5000 Station Controller Pumps and Dispensers: Frontier – Horizon – SK700 – Encore | ProMax Point of Sales


  • Scalable technology options for basic to advanced functionality.
  • Total retail station control.
  • OS provides fuel transaction control and attendant management, options of issuing customer cards / tags and activation of customer loyalty.
  • Station Controller controls Pumps and Dispensers, Payment Terminals (OPT s), Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG), Price Signs, Car Wash etc.
  • Station Control ensures complete wet-stock reconciliation by interfacing directly with each pump / dispenser.
  • STP’s provide superior motor design which delivers higher flow rates, lower power consumption and increased safety and reliability

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