At the heart of Gilbarco AFS Commercial and Industrial Fuel Management Solution, lies our Business Support and Reporting information systems. Our integrated fuel and fleet management reporting solution is offered through managed or self-service reporting infrastructures and enables flexibility, accuracy and customisation of our customers reporting needs.


Our OEM integrated, managed reporting solution, GMS Connect, integrates fuel, fleet and other external data to create a consolidated dashboard view of your operation.

  • Single pane of glass: Multiple dashboards incorporates data from various sources and open architecture allows for easy integration.
  • Reconciliation: Ensures accuracy of information, managed to industry standard tolerances, with exceptions being actioned immediately.
  • iNtegrator: Create up to four unattended, automated shift closes with no human intervention, configurable to match customer shift patterns.
  • Automated delivery control: Controls the delivery process to ensure that you only pay for what was received.


  • Self-service reporting: Real-time monitoring of fueling transactions installed at customer site, enabling self-service reporting with limits and restrictions for each fleet, vehicle or department.
  • Definable access privileges: Generate and customised periodic reports for accounting, budgeting and operations management for fleets and departments.
  • Centralised: One central FHOS for multiple sites, showing tank levels from ATG systems.


Reporting Software – GMS Connect | Automatic Tank Gauging | EMR3 | iNtegrator | Flow Meter | Actuator


  • Single view across multiple operational areas.
  • Reduce complex reporting environments and identify losses and abuse early.
  • Drive targeted preventative maintenance with exception management.
  • Reconciliations tied to shift, accountability ensured Electronic delivery ticket verification Set warning and delivery levels and manage alarms centrally, reducing HSSE risks.
  • Eliminate product losses through temperature.
  • Single solution that meets all fuel and fleet requirements.
  • Assists with SARS Rebate Claims.


  • Allows easy extract of information to import into a customers existing systems.
  • Enables a customer self-service reporting model to fit in with existing fuel management process.
  • Strict rule adherence manages fuel costs and cost allocations in real-time.


Gilbarco AFS Wetstock Management Solutions enable effective delivery, trade and tank control by assessing the actual volume of fuel delivered to a storage facility. Collect accurate information from your sites and make better decisions about your assets.


Automated monitoring of fuel stock and detection of fuel losses assists with environmental control and risk management across your network and allows for centralised data management to optimise your operational profitability.

  • Delivery Control: Automate the delivery process to reduce human error and validate Oil Company billing.
  • Trade Control: Introduce a single point of reconciliation for all fuel dispensed on-site.
  • Tank Control: Monitor tank levels in near-real time, with automated alarm management.


Reporting Software – Insite360 | Automatic Tank Gauging | FAFNIR Overfill Sensors | Pressurised Line Leak Detectors


  • Scalable technology options for basic to advanced functionality.
  • Independent verification of delivery.
  • emperature compensated volumes.
  • Eliminates human error and risk of free water contamination.
  • Allows for Oil Company billing in Consignment Model and unattended deliveries from Oil Company.
  • Electronic data integration with ERP system.
  • Single point of reference for automated reconciliation.
  • Reduces HSSE risks as meter readings are electronically captured.
  • Automated alarms for low or high levels, delivery stock levels and hourly updates of tank levels.
  • Comply with SARS Diesel Rebate Claim requirements with our wetstock reconciliation linked to vehicle detailed reports, as provided by our Electronic Meter Register and ATG technologies.


Our Site Management Solutions provide end-to-end coverage of your fuel and fleet operation and offers the power and flexibility to control distribution, monitor fuel levels and manage your commercial and industrial homebase, mining or fuel sites. Achieve savings of up to 30% through our fuel distribution control and real-time data analysis.


Enhanced efficiency enables better control of inventory and delivery and is an ideal solution for any fuel site, regardless of fueling method, in both mobile fueling trucks and fixed fueling stations.

  • Fixed Site Control: Introduce tight control over site dispensing and reduce unauthorised refuelling.
  • Refueling Control: Ensure that authorised assets receive fuel to track cost allocation & fuel efficiency.
  • Bowser and Mobile Bowser Control: Apply standard processes across fixed sites and mobile bowsers using the same technology.


Reporting Software – GMS Connect | Automatic Tank Gauging | EMR3 | iNtegrator | Flow Meter | Actuator RFID Vehicle Identification Units – FuelOPass – RFID Vehicle Data Unit – – DataPass | Wireless Gateway Terminal | Nano Nozzle Reader | ORiC Station Island Controller or eNhance Controller


  • Scalable technology options for basic to advanced functionality.
  • Robust controller improves solution up-time.
  • Connects to existing pumps and meters on site.
  • Wireless technology reduces implementation time and cost.
  • Ensures data communications even in power outages.
  • Eliminates unauthorised refuelling as only active RFID assets can receive fuel and facilitates unattended refuelling.
  • Automated tank reconciliation using Tank Levelling system.
  • Electronic recording of data and no human intervention ensures quality of data.
  • SARS Diesel Rebate Claim compliance requires wetstock reconciliation linked to vehicle detailed reports, as provided by our Electronic Meter Register and ATG technologies.


Automatic Vehcile Location (AVL) and Driver Behaviour Monitoring is the latest solution offering in our Integrated Fuel and Fleet Solution. The reliability, scalability and vertical applicability, complemented by a strong yet easy-to-use software suite, ensures a formidable tool-set for any business.


Easily track and monitor your LDV and support your fleet and equipment in near real-time with our Automatic Vehicle Location GPS-based technology and information solution, providing the tools you need to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase productivity.

  • Fleet Management: Track and monitor your fleet and equipment 24/7 in near real-time with second-by-second, high definition data.
  • Asset Tracking: Track and monitor your fleet and equipment under demanding conditions.
  • Self-Powered Asset Tracking: Track and monitor your unpowered equipment and trailers.
  • Satellite Communications: Track and Monitor your assets when out of cellular coverage.
  • Mobile Communications & Navigation: Send messages and navigational outing, dispatch the nearest driver to a job or apply warnings to alert drivers when over speeding.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring: Ensure safe operating environments and scorecard-based monitoring and view your fleet s location within seconds.


Reporting Software – GMS Connect or DIRECTOR | Qube | Qtanium | Qtanium 100 | Iridium Satellite Communications | M-Na


  • Operational visibility.
  • Improved fuel control.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Fleet and asset utilisesation.
  • Improved maintenance efficiencies.
  • Improved driver safety.
  • Reduced Bent Metal claims.
  • Enhanced dispatch and routing.
  • Smart fuelling cycles.
  • Risk mitigation ensure adherence to policIea and compliance to legislation.
  • Safe journey management and pre-start inspections.


Manage your on-road fuel spend with eFUEL, our national network of retail station that enables cash-free and card-free refueling of fleet vehicles.


Ensure that fuel is dispensed into authorised assets only and enjoy peace of mind with eFuel, our national retail station network of more than 800 sites, fitted with eFuel technology.

  • Authorisation: Decreases fuel expenses and fraud by fueling only authorised vehicles.
  • Alerts: Easily controls, tracks and manages fleet consumption as well as refueling activity with alerts on irregular fueling or consumption pattern.
  • Set rules and limits: Define vehicles, set limits and restrictions.
  • Security: Eliminate risks with a patented removal protection mechanism to eliminate theft or fraud.
  • No human intervention: Eliminate human intervention and obtain accurate information and data.
  • Secure: Preauthorisation takes place at the pump before fuel is dispensed.


RFID Vehicle Identification Units – FuelOPass or NanOPass | RFID Vehicle Data Unit – DataPass | Wireless Gateway Terminal | Nano Nozzle Reader | ORiC Station Island Controller


  • 800+ retail forecourts fitted with eFuel site technology.
  • eFuel eAsy or eFuel eXtra options available.
  • Preauthorisation takes place at the pump before fuel is dispensed.
  • Cost-intelligent solution.
  • 24-hour Help-Desk service.
  • Maximum security for enhanced asset control.
  • Simple, speedy and secure fueling process.
  • Multiple oil company branded solution for 24-hour fuel availability

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